Make your way to VALS LES BAINS, 10 km North of AUBENAS ; cross this spa town, popular with tourists, in the direction of "Le Cheylard" and "Antraigues sur Volane".

On leaving Vals les Bains, do not take the D 243 (signposted to Aizac) on the left !

Follow the road (D 578) and watch the valley of the Volane unfold: you will see some magnificent basalt lava flows, the result of the Aizac volcano.

After passing through several hamlets, you reach Antraigues. Leave this picturesque village on the right and take the 1st road on the left towards AIZAC. This winds up to the Col d’Aizac at a height of 642 m above sea level.

Here, at the very top, you will find our guest rooms – right in front of you !


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GPS coordonates: 44.7139994 N / 4.330061199999999 E

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